About the portal

Sociological research is one of the main areas of research in the RANEPA. The research centers of the Academy perform fundamental theoretical and methodological research in the field of sociology, as well as applied field research and monitoring of public opinion. The results of scientific research of RANEPA are published in leading peer-reviewed journals, including those published under the auspices of the Presidential Academy.

The portal of sociological data of the RANEPA is a large thematic information platform, an open database of current research conducted by various departments of the Academy. And we are talking not only about sociological, but also about interdisciplinary projects.

The main goal of the sociological portal is to support and stimulate research in the field of sociology and monitoring of public opinion, to use their results in the educational process, as well as to motivate the most capable and active students to cooperate and involve them in scientific activities and teaching.

Basic tasks of a sociological portal:

  • Stimulation of theoretical research projects, applied field research.
  • Involving talented students in the process of research and teaching.
  • Organization of systematic discussions of research projects and the results obtained.
  • Systematization of professional and scientific sources online.
  • The development of sociology as a specialization at different stages of the educational process.
  • Preparation of interdisciplinary projects.

Data search can be carried out based on Research Centers pages, as well as through the portal search system.

In addition to key parameters and brief descriptions, research pages contain additional materials available for download - arrays, presentations, questionnaires, articles, books, reports. Other researchers as well as the media can use all information published on the portal. In either case, a direct reference to the source or the mark "based on the materials of the Portal of sociological data of the RANEPA" is obligatory.

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  • Institute of Social Analysis and Forecasting
  • Research Center for Social and Political Monitoring
  • Research Center for Sociological Research
  • Center for Regional Studies and Urbanism
  • Center for Continuing Education Economics Institute of Applied Economic Research
  • Expert Analytical Center


  • Monitoring the economic situation
  • Monitoring the socio-economic status and well-being of the population
  • Eurobarometer
  • Monitoring the effectiveness of the school



RANEPA Sociological Data Portal
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